Das sagen meine Kunden

Gross Gerau 2018 / Chakren Balance / Karin

Ich fühlte mich gestresst, müde, erschöpft und leer. Schicksalhaft trat Sherin in mein Leben.

Ich erlebte bei ihr ein Chakra-Healing. Es war einfach wundervoll. In jedem Chakra spürte ich die heilsamen Wirkungen.

Ich fühlte mich wie neugeboren, frisch und kraftvoll. Ich war bereit, zu neuen Ufern aufzubrechen.

Das Leben hatte mich wieder. Ich war wieder ein fröhlicher Mensch. Danke Sherin!


Darmstadt 2018 / Meditieren lernen Kurs / Beate

Liebste Sherin

Ich finde , dass Du den Kurs und die Inhalte sehr gut vermittelst.
Besonders nach den Meditationsabenden bei Dir, fühlte ich mich erholt und mit Energie aufgeladen. Dies motiviert mich sehr auch zuhause zu meditieren. Es ist zwar nicht so Intensiv, dass Erleben der Meditation, aber ich denke "Übung macht den Meister".
Der Meditationkurs hat mir sehr geholfen im Alltag/ Berufsleben mehr auf mich zu schauen. Wenn Streß oder negative Energie auftritt, dies wahr zunehmen und mich zurück zunehmen. An`anasha


Darmstadt 2018 / Meditieren Lernen Kurs / Elmar

Sei gegrüßt Sherin.

Danke, dass Du Dein Wissen mit mir und den anderen Kursteilnehmern geteilt hast. Dein Kurs hat mir so gut getan.

Ich konnte Akzeptanz meiner Person erfahren.

Durch die Rückbesinnung auf gute himmlische Kräfte mittels Mantren und Symbolkarten in Hinwendung auf die einzelnen Chakren konnte ich meine Selbstheilungskräfte aktivieren. Durch Deine wohlwollende Präsenz konnte sich mein Gemüt von dem Arbeitsalltag erholen.

Wehmütig blicke ich auf die letzte Stunde. Dein Elmar


St. Lucia January 2016 / Clever Zulu Africa  (Author of Absolute Abundance - Your Inspiration to Success)

I live and work in Saint Lucia and have known Sherin for just a few months and her Energy healing sessions are beyond words to express. I am a living testimony to this.

Sherin is a gifted energy healer who divinely understands the chakra system of her clients and intuitively restores everything that is blocked or out of balance.

In my experience with her as my therapist, spiritual teacher and light worker, I have no hesitation in recommending her work to anyone upon the face of the earth. She is amazing and through her work I have supremely discovered myself.

Regards "Ambarees" Clever Zulu


St. Lucia November 2014 / Leila  London

Sherin's warm, compassionate and healing presence felt like a gift during my vacation. We did a combination of yoga, meditation and massage to unwind from the accumulated stress and tensions of busy big city life as a working mom. She reminded me of the real essence in life which is easy to forget when caught up in daily routines.

I have been inspired to pursue a better balance in my life again and am grateful for her positive influence.

When I close my eyes, I remember the sound and smells of the vibrant natural surrounding consisting of crickets, birds, the wind and occasional rain. I can see the vibrant colors of the tropical nature at its finest sitting in a humble but charming converted barn. I feel the healing presence of Sherin and her calling to do well. She certainly did and I know she will continue to do so. I warmly recommend her. Thank you Sherin! :-) Best, Leila


St. Lucia May 2015 / Kelly and David  USA

My husband and I had the pleasure of visiting St. Lucia and working with Sherin in May, 2015. Sherin is such a warm and loving person that her presence alone is healing!  Sherin blessed us with her sacred temple massages, chakra balancing Tora`an`taria, energy therapy, meditation and guided visits to some very special St. Lucia sites.  Being together with Sherin was a wonderful experience that will stay with us always.  We look forward to returning very soon!


St. Lucia June 2015 / Tessa Australia

From the day I arrived at St. Lucia, Sherin went out of her way to make me feel comfortable, safe and most of all welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed my 7 day retreat package. I arrived feeling tired, stressed and lost in life. Thanks to Sherin I am leaving feeling relaxed, re-energized and inspired. 


St. Lucia August 2014 / Lynn  Canada

From Lynn to Sherin....just so that you know...

the massage that you gave me was one of the best I have ever had. Working for 23 years as a dental hygienist I have received lots of massages over the years for aching muscles and stiffness. I wish we were closer and I could enjoy the luxury of your skilled hands and serene presence on a regular basis. You are truly an awesome person and very gifted at what you do. I so look forward to our meeting again and the gift of our friendship. Namaste!


St. Lucia January 2016 / Brigitte USA

if you are looking for some peace and healing, I recommend Sherin in St. Lucia.  Sherin is a healer for your body, mind, emotions and spirit.  She and her angels can touch your soul.  Sherin helped me to create a personalized healing retreat.  I had the opportunity to experience a Thai Temple Oil massage, which was very relaxing, and Thai Yoga massage that was very releasing. She also did energy work on me to help balance and refill my energy. It was very gentle. She is also a teacher. She lead me through meditation and gave me skills to find peace in my life.  She guided me to very beautiful and sacred spaces in St. Lucia, and let me see things that I didn't know were there.  If you go to her with an open mind and true intentions, she will be a blessing to you, and I believe, you will find what you seek. Thank you, Brigitte


St. Lucia December 2015 / Oliver and Jana Germany

We had yoga classes in the wonderful barn by Balenbouche with Sherin. We have liked it very much because of her instinct for the right energy. Always was a spiritual aura Sherins companion and this provided  for a pleasant atmosphere. Meditation, energy healing and chakra healing everything was lit by Sherins type.

We have felt after just a few hours as a friend who has long known Sherin.

Thank you so much, our paths will cross again...Big hug, Jana & Oliver


St. Lucia January 2014 / Celine France

.....  several occasions, we arranged massages and yoga lessons with Sherin, who is fantastic teacher and therapist ...