about the retreat

An awakening healing journey for your soul

A warm welcome to you!

I am Sherin, your spiritual guide, therapist, yoga and meditation teacher during our sacred retreat journey.
A journey, where we enter into the world and secret chambers of our old goddess and gods of Atlantis!

12000 year old Light Crystal energies with enormous love, light, strength, wisdom and powers will be introduced to you.
From the moment you give the intention to join this retreat, the 36 high councilors of the light are with you, day and night!
If you allow, they will guide and inspire you and you can feel their presence, love and comfort.
Please give them your deep permission to prepare you for this highly energetic journey to spiritual awakening and soul healing.


You are one of the oldest souls in this world and you have gone a very long way to become, what you are.
Trust that everything you need is inside of you and this retreat will help you to remember.
With all the love and deep respect for you in my heart, I welcome you to our sacred journey!


Temple of Light

“Within you there is stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself”

that “yourself” is a miracle. Know it!

 Hermann Hesse novel Siddhartha by Wayne W. Dyer


Our TEMPLE OF LIGHT retreat is all about YOU and this precious unique sanctuary inside of you.

Our new world

All elements in our retreat are designed to inspire, balance, open and heal your soul and surrounding energy field for our new world.


A world, where you are able to manifest anything you desire.

A world, where you can live from your heart.

A world filled of peace, love and forgiveness.


AWAKE to live a divine life!

Energy is everything

And everything is energy, within and around us.

The highest love and healing energies at present time on our planet will be presented to you during our retreat. You are able to learn, how to create those energies for yourself.

Healing through and for you and mother Earth are the results.


Our retreat package includes an 8 night stay and 7 day program and is available as group retreat or exclusive one on one / couples retreat. A group retreat accomodates a maximum of 12 people.


The included group retreat elements are


daily Temple Yoga Rituals                                      (awakening morning stretches 1h)

daily Sacred Healer Circle                                       (inspiring energy healer teachings and meditations 2h)

Angels`Touch treatment                                          (1x customized one on one treatment including energy healing sesssion1,5h)

daily Temple Meditation Ceremonies                 (heart touching evening meditations)

Free gift                                                                         (chakra healing script and customized Light Crystal & Angel healing spray)


Following customized one on one sessions are additionally available


Soul Card Reading EL´DONAA

SacredTemple Massages - Thai Temple Oil * Balinese Temple Oil * Traditional Thai Yoga and * Nuad Tao Footmassage

Angels´Touch ELISE MILA universal life energy

Healing Heart

Daily flow

7am                           temple yoga rituals

8am                           healthy and delicious breakfast

9:30 – 11:30am        sacred healer circle

12:30 pm                  healthy and delicious lunch

1:30pm – 5:30          time for one on one sessions

                                   time for yourself or group activities

6pm                           healthy and delicious dinner

7pm                           temple meditation ceremonies


Please note;

2 full days I would like to integrate in our daily flow a visit to some amazing nature sites.

Options, transportation and entrance fees are depending on our location and will be arranged during our retreat. All retreat elements are optional. You will always have enough time for reflection and being to your self. I will make sure, you will be in this temple of light and love during your entire retreat with me.