light crystal meditation

Here you are invited to take a moment for yourself and meditate with the Light Crystal ANGEL OF LOVE energy


My guidance for this meditation ...

Close your eyes for a moment and take 3 deep breath to get in touch with yourself.


Call the Golden Angel inside of you to empty your mental body (your thoughts). Say An´ anasha to the Angel.


Look at the crystal for a while to be able to visualize it after with your 3rd eye and closed eyes.


Speak the divine name TAN` ATARA and call the ANGEL OF LOVE  with the words OMAR TA SATT  ANGEL OF LOVE

(This is the Elohim Angel language and you are askting the angel to direct their attention to you.)


Now close your eyes and take your time to inhale 18x the energy TAN` ATARA.


If you happen to get any distructive thoughts, speak the additional mantra SO´ HAM (Iam divine)



crystal tan´atara  -  angel of love energy

TAN´´` ATARA - Zest for life, Crystal of the Earth

Energy Angel of Love, Numerical vibration 18

Realize that you have everything in order to be happy. Feel the perfection in yourself and in your surroundings at each moment. Then you will feel the true happiness about having the opportunity to live here on earth.