about the retreat elements

Our entire retreat journey is filled with beautiful and magical energies!


After Atlantis has sunk, about 12000 years ago,

powerful divine Light Crystals and all their wisdom were anchored in secret chambers inside the great Pyramid of Giza by Toth, the Atlantean, the priesthood of the blue people, the ascended masters, the angels,the ancient gods, the holy trinity and all his powerful light workers.

And NOW, those chambers are open and all the wisdom available for our

soul and planet healing!

Join us for this magical journey into the secret chambers of light!

Light Crystal Healing Wisdom

(teachings in our sacred healer circle)


Light Crystals are symbols written in light… but most of all, sacred living energies.

They originate from the divine reality and are free of earthly energies.

Each crystal carries the energy of a divinity within and is highly energetic.

They are amazing tools for meditation and healing as they are neutral, pure and not manipulative. They are pure love. During our retreat you will be introduced to many wonderful Light Crystal energies in our Sacred healer circles. You are able to feel their amazing powers and find the most suitable Light Crystals for your current life situation and challenges. 59 Light Crystals and 19 Mandalas of the earth / of the light / of the cosmos/ for inner balance

and our 7 main chakras.


Temple Yoga Rituals

(awakening morning stretches)


Our body is the temple of our soul!

And if we love it and take good care of it, it will thank us with health, strength and vitality.

The ancient yoga and meditation practice goes back many thousand of years and is a wonderful art of preventing sickness, keeping strong, open and focused in life.

During our spiritual retreat you will absorb high energies and your four body system

 (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) requires good grounding, purification and stability.

Be invited to join a wonderful yoga class for awaking our bodies!


Chakra Balancing TORA `AN `TARIA

(teachings in our sacred healer circle)


We arrived in the GOLDEN AGE with new and powerful energies coming to our planet. And these energies are affecting our 4 body system enormously.

A regular balancing and refilling of our chakras is becoming more and more important.

It is our choice to allow those changes to take place and appreciate the new healing methods given to us by the divine source.

And one of the new healing methods is called TORA`AN`TARIA - powerful mandala and Light Crystal energies to balance and refill our chakras.

During our entire retreat you will be guided and given insight information’s about all the changes and connections in our chakra system. You are able to feel blockages or unbalanced energy and we will refill and balance all our chakras and energy field. A refreshing and serene feeling with more strength is mostly the result.


Angels`Touch ELISE MILA universal life energy

(one on one session)


This wonderful energy coming from the great healing Angel Nathaniel and his Elise Angels is flowing through Sherin`s healing channel into your body system.

Our mind will properly not understand, how this all works. But if this sacred energy is being transported to you, your soul will feel, remember and be very touched by it.

Elise Mila is refilling our entire PRANA (life energy) and integrating our new meridian system.

 A session of 5 Elise Mila is recommended, to fully open, integrate and refill your body system.


Temple and Nature Meditation Ceremonies


In the time of Lemurien and Avalon many souls have gathered in the nature under powerful soul trees to find peace and alignment.

They connected to Nature and manifested their soul wishes and new energies for the world.

Be invited to join us most evenings for wonderful healing meditations!

Be invited to join us for a magical journey through amazing nature!


Express all your wishes to the universe and ask all nature spirits to support you. Heal your inner child and find your wholeness in Sherin´s divine channellings.


Soul Card Reading EL`DONAA

(one on one session)


Ask the wisdom of your soul for guidance.

This new card reading set was channeled by the famous medium Sabine Sangitar Wenig and published in May 2015. All 81 cards are highly energetic, carry the new energy of our golden age and give you insights into your current life situation and soul challenges.

The beautiful painted pictures on the cards bring an immediate effect to your soul. All answers are coming from your deepest soul wisdom and


Sherin, our experienced medium and channel will help you to understand, what your soul is wanting you to see and know.


Temple Dance

 (spontanious sound and move meditation)


Music can be such a loving healing energy!

Be invited to join us to a beautiful temple dance.

Time for self expression, connection, love and healing!

Sacred Temple Massages

(one on one session)


Authentic and traditional massage techniques from the temples of Thailand and Bali combined with Light Crystal healing energies are flowing through Sherin hands to bring love, peace and healing to our souls.

 Each treatment is available for 90min or 120min and can be booked additionally to your retreat program. You are able to choose from following massage techniques;

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

Balinese Temple Oil Massage

Thai Temple Oil Massage or

Nuad Tao Thai Foot Massage.


Don`t miss out on this sacred Temple experience!


Healing Heart

(one on one session)


Sherin`s unique Healing Heart treatment focuses on energy blockages caused by (deep) emotional pain you might have experienced in your present life and past life’s.

12 Angel Healing sprays were given to Sherin by the divine source to heal our souls.

 Be invited to try something new, wonderful loving and powerful healing!