about our sacred healer circle

7 Days - 7 main chakras

Every one of us can bring healing to the world.

Every one of us has the ability to be a healer.

 Alone the presence of a person with a caring, loving, non- judgmental, neutral and sincere energy brings healing to the entire world.

In our sacred healer circle you will feel, what an amazing healer you are already.

I will share tools with you to purify, protect and ground energies.

You will get a higher perspective of many healing energies available to us.

 (such as Prosonodo light, magnetic love energy, Eleua energy, Na`naam energy, Light Crystal energies, mandalas, Elohim Angels and so much more ……)


But most of all, healing starts within.

Our sacred healer teachings are based on our entire chakra system, the main reception channels for universal energies.

Each day of our 7 day retreat program will be dedicated to one of our chakra.

You will understand the connections and we balance, refill and nourish our entire energy field.


a very small selection of light crystal energies


strength - the energy of the old god Seth



trust - the energy of El Morya


zest for life - the energy of the Angel of Love


divine comfort - the energy of Shakti


unconditional love - the energy of Metatron, Mary and Jesus


healing - the energy of AA Raphael